Selangor Animal Neutering Programme. Spay & neuter your pet at lower cost.


Our loving impact

We work every day to raise the bar and create a new standard for animals in our country because we love them. We put our time into hard work, tenacity, and creativity.

We support groups with huge hearts that save the most lives. And in doing so, we're paving the way for a brighter future for animals and those who care for them.

Better Care for Cats & Dogs

There is 11 millions cats & dogs in Malaysia 2019. However only 9.6% have an owner.

Your help allows us to celebrate years of saving animal lives by donating to Petotum Charities, adopting, volunteering, and fostering. Thank you for sharing our love of animals and believing that we can and will create a lifesaving nation together.

Creating a lifesaving nation

We help in animal welfare organisations that have the greatest potential to save lives.

Helping Heroes

We believe in the positive influence that service, therapy, and working pet heroes have on their communities.


We support innovation that promotes innovative methods to lifesaving and advances change.

Impact to Pet Community

We begin as a community by working on a little project, such as providing food for a stray during COVID-19 “Bulu-bulu Initiatives” and aiding in the distribution of pet food to pet owners following the Shah Alam Flood Disaster in December 2021.

We organised a charity arm with more missions in the future since we think we can do more for the pet community.

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animal charity
animal charity
animal charity

Our Partners

Thank you to the brands that love our pets, too:

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Contact Us

For any enquiry, email us at

Change lives. Give Today

Thanks to you, we’ve helped thousand pets by running few initiatives. Donate to help thousand more. 

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