Selangor Animal Neutering Programme. Spay & neuter your pet at lower cost.


Make Impact Together

Sponsor a pet

Sponsor a Pet for Spay/Neuter Program

Make a difference for just RM50! Sponsor a pet's spay/neuter surgery and champion responsible pet care. Your donation transforms lives, one furry friend at a time. Act now!

pet insurance

Buy Pet Insurance & Donate

Secure smiles for your pets! Buy pet insurance today, and you will donate 8% of your purchase to us. Double the impact—protect your furry friend and support our mission for a brighter pet future!

pet education

Sponsor for Pet Education

Empower pet-loving hearts! Sponsor pet education with just RM10 per person. Ignite knowledge, inspire responsibility. Your support shapes a compassionate community. Join us in nurturing brighter, informed futures for pets!


With every gift, you change a life of a pet in need.

Donate to help make an immediate, lifesaving impact for animals in need.

Together, we can do more. Since 2020, our team joining in adoption and medical care programs, spay and neuter services, and numerous other lifesaving initiatives—always investing wisely in organizations with the most lifesaving impact. In partnership with animal welfare organizations, we help bring pets together with loving families every day.

Support Our Cause

Together we find a way to harness the power of love to make communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier.

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